Adtelligent DSP macros

A macro is a pattern which allows Adtelligent to pass a specific parameter in an ad request to your buyer in a relevant placeholder of an ad tag.

Creative Related Macros
Creative ID{crid}Integer
Line Item Related Macros
Line Item ID{lid}Integer
Publisher / Placement Related Macros
Placement ID{pid}Integer
Full Page URL{page}String
Page URL escaped{page:escape}String
Site\Bundle ID{dist-id}Integer
Site\Bundle Name{dist-name}String
Site domain\app.bundle{dist-channel}String
Width of a slot{w}Integer
Height of a slot{h}Integer
Visitor Related Macros
IP address of a user{uip}, {ip}String
User ID{ifa}, {user_id}String
Other Macros
Cache Buster{cb}String
Price for Impression, available for CPC only{clickprice}Integer
Session ID{session-id}Integer
Ad ID{adid}Integer
Sub Id{sub_id}Integer
Click ID (use for Action Tracking){click_id}Integer
SSP Source ID{inventory-channel} {aid}Integer